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The owners and leaders of Altair Energy Services “grew up” in the renewable power industry and are now well-known top leaders and executives with a passion to improve safety and efficiency. Leveraging our 45+ combined years of knowledge and experiences to transform services into an easily repeatable standard process and clear daily management will keep employees free from harm and customers delivering on time.

This is our catapult into developing a respected business and workplace environment that is conducive to each employee’s work-life balance and a workplace that is enticing and desirable within the renewable energy industry. We will treat our employees with the highest level of respect with empowerment and encourage career growth. Our clients will experience superior focus, personal attention, and top-tier services to ensure their satisfaction.

Sustainable energy. Solar and wind turbines farm. Sustainable re

Battery Storage

Energy storage systems or battery container units on field

Battery storage technology is typically around 80% to more than 90% efficient for newer lithium-ion devices. Battery systems connected to large solid-state converters ARE beING used to stabilize power distribution networks.


Solar Panels on Roof

Solar energy is heat and radiant light from the Sun that can be harnessed with technologies such as solar power (which is used to generate electricity) and solar thermal energy (which is used for applications such as water heating).


Wind Energy

The energy is mainly extracted with the rotor, which transforms the kinetic energy into mechanical energy, and with the generator, which transforms this mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Energy Storage System. Solar Panel, wind turbines and Li-ion battery container
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